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Live Scan Level 2 Fingerprinting

Digital Fingerprinting | Saint Augustine, FL

Live Scan Level 2  Fingerprinting in Saint Augustine, FL

Palencia Business Center is Approved by:
FDLE - Florida Department of Law Enforcement 
ACHA - Florida Agency for Health Care Administration - ACHA


Palencia Business Center provides Live Scan fingerprinting Monday - Friday by Appoinment.   Applicants are equired to wear a facial mask upon entrance due to Covid-19.   Applicants need to provide their Originating Agency Identification (ORI) number, a valid form of identification, provide a valid address and social security number and take a photograph of their identity.

Information collected includes:

Your Name

Your Weight

Your Height

Your Social Security Numer

Any Aliases

Date of Birth

Social Security Number

Location of Birth






All information collected is transmitted to Florida Department of Law Enforcement for a background check at the same time of the appointment.  Applicants are provided with a number for tracking their applicatoin.   Applicants should contact FDLE or their orginating agency with any questions regarding the status of ttheir background check.   Palencia Business Center does not receive updates on the status of individual applicants.

All fees are collected up front and Palencia Business Center collects for the State of Florida at the time of Live Scan.   No refunds are available for submission.   All applicants are provided the opportunity to review the transmission of data for accuracy and the correct ORI number.  Palencia Business Center accepts all major credit cards and 

Live Scan  fingerprints are transmitted to FDLE and ACHA (if needed) at the time of the appoinment.   Each Applicant receives a TCN (Transaction Control Number) which is used for tracking the Applicants Status.   You can check on your status here

If you’re a part of certain agencies or industry groups, you will probably need to get “digitally fingerprinted” as a requirement of your employment or participation.

Appointments are available REQUIRED and are available Monday - Friday for  Live Scan and we can generally accomodate same date appointments.   Appointments are scheduled for thirty minutes intervals    Applicants must provide a valid identification, have their social security number and ORI number at the appointment,    Due to COVID-19, Applicants must wear a facial mask.    The fingerprint/Live Scan operator is vacinated.

Concealed Weapon License backgrounds  can only be performed at St Johns County Sheriff's Office.

We offer Live Scan for the following State of Florida Agencies

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration ACHA Level 2 and Clearninghouse

Agency for Persons with Disabilities ADP Level 2 and Clearinghouse

Vocationational Rehabilitation VR Level 2 and Clearing House

Florida Medicaid 

Florida Department of Children and Families DCF

Department of Elder Appairs DOEA

Florida Department of Juvenile Justice DJJ

Department of Busines Professional Regulations DBPR

Centers for Medicare an Medicaid Services CMS

Florida Department of Health DOH

Florida Department of Agricutlture and Consumer Services FDACS 

Florida Professional and Nonprofesional Guardians
(Please check to make sure you have the proper ORI code for your county.   Please contact the local Clerk of Courts or your legal counsel for guidance)

Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles   FLSMV

Florida Office of Financial Regulations  OFR

Florida Department of Financial Services DFS

Florida Department of Management Services DMS

Florida Deparmtent of Eudcation  DOE

Florida Department of Revenue  DOR

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity   DEO

Florida Board of Bar Examiners

Florida Dispute Resolution Center DRC

Florida Court - Clerk of Circuit Courts
Please contact location local Clerk of Courts for Name Change ORI or Guardianship ORI Numbers

Florida Office of Financial Regulations -  OFR

ORI stands for Originating Agency Identifer. 

How do I get an ORI Number or OCA Number? 



Palencia Business Center has the advanced equipment and software necessary for digital fingerprinting in Saint Augustine, FL.

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